Cattle for Sale

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality Akaushi cattle to meet their unique needs. We offer both percentage and fullblood Akaushi cattle with more than 70 years of data on our foundation herd to support our production claims.

Producers who add Akaushi to their herds can expect increased carcass quality in one generation, as well as increased fertility and improved profitability.

Two of our current fullblood Akaushi herd sires are “San” (2129A) and “Shichi” (4510B).

All of our cattle have been DNA verified through SNP testing and are registered with the American Akaushi Association.  The following fullblood, purebred and percentage blood cows and/or bulls are for sale:



Born:  03/03/2021

Sire: Heartbrand SOR HASTINGS  1066C

Pure Bred Akaushi Bull




Born:  03/30/2021

Sire: SHICHI  4510B

Pure Bred Akaushi Bull


Born: 03/31/2021

Sire: KYUU  8384D

Pure Bred Akaushi Bull


Born:  03/31/2021

Sire: KITA  0360F

Pure Bred Akaushi Bull


Born:  04/17/2021

Sire:  SAN  2129A

Full Blood Akaushi Bull


Born:  04/18/2021

Sire:  SHICHI  4510B

Full Blood Akaushi Bull

Cow 19618.....SOLD

Born:  03/24/2019

Sire:  SAN 2129A

Full Blood Akaushi Cow:  Heavy Bred – due March or April