Beef for Sale

We know firsthand that Akaushi beef is superior in terms of both health benefits and taste. That’s why we started selling freezer beef to family and friends in 2009. We have expanded our customer base over the years and invite you to taste the Akaushi difference.

Our Beef

Roasted Akaushi beef cutsCurrently, we have freezer beef available for purchase twice annually – fall and spring. Beef is sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so reserve your beef today!

Freezer beef is available for purchase as whole carcass, half or quarters (split-side). Quarters must be processed the same, so customers who purchase a quarter will be responsible for contacting the owner of the other quarter to agree on cut specifications.

We sell our beef by the hanging weight and the price varies according to the market. We take care of transporting animals to the processor. Customers must fill out a custom cut sheet for the processor and are responsible for paying the processing fee and picking up their beef.

We are proud to work with Clint & Sons in White Deer, Texas, for the processing of our beef, which is dry-aged 20-27 days prior to processing. At Clint & Sons, all processing is done to your exact specifications and beef is vacuum-packed to ensure the longest possible freezer life. To see a sample beef cut sheet, click here.

On average, our grain-finished beef weighs 1,300 pounds and has a hanging weight of roughly 900 pounds. The packaged beef take-home weight is approximately 65 percent of the hanging weight.

It is our mission to provide the finest beef available to our customers. Please contact us about availability or to be placed on our waiting list.

Akaushi – Health Benefits

Akaushi beef is known for its superior meat quality and extraordinary health benefits. It contains a high concentration of monounsaturated fat relative to saturated fat, which can lead to lower cholesterol levels, the prevention of coronary heart disease and weight loss, as noted by the American Heart Association. It is also a significant source of oleic acid.

Known for its naturally intense marbling, Akaushi beef has a rich, buttery flavor and is juicy and tender throughout. Taste the Akaushi difference – order your freezer beef today!