Akaushi Semen For Sale




San                                                 (Tattoo 2129A, Reg # AF42289) 

One of our premier bulls on the ranch, San has produced some excellent progeny through the years. His sire is Rueshaw 430 (Tattoo FJ101E, Reg # AF6808).  Rueshaw is the only Japanese National Champion to  leave Japan. His genetics are rare in the American Akaushi Breed.

The American Akaushi Association ranked San in its Fall 2020 Trait Leaders. He is in the top 4 for Weaning Weight (WW) and among the top 10 on the Carcass Index.  The Association also recognized San in its Featured Genetics. He is one of the 59 Proven Sires on the Progeny Tested Sire list because he has a .55 accurate Weaning Weight (WW) EPD that is among the top 2% of the entire breed and he has sired 171 DNA Verified calves since 2016.

We are currently offering semen from San at $75.00 per straw.


Bubba J                                         (Tattoo E002, Reg # GC102638)

A Certified GridMax®  7/8 (87.5%) Akaushi bull.  Bubba J did amazing things in his feed efficiency test  (GrowSafe Systems®) with an Average Daily Gain (ADG) of 5.7 pounds. He is one of San’s offspring.

We are currently offering semen from Bubba J at $35.00 per straw.


Sanchi                                  (Tattoo H047, Reg # AP179080)

Polled Pure Bred Akaushi bull. No relation to King David or Dos Equis.  Sanchi has excellent EPD’s and would compliment any cow calf operation, he is heterozygous polled.  He has San and Shichi in his pedigree.

We are offering Sanchi semen at $35.00 per straw.


Shichi                                        (Tattoo 4510B, Reg # AF67890)

Shichi has risen in the bull rankings very nicely.  His sire is Heartbrands CUATRO 04Y, both are known for throwing smaller calves with good growth potential, check out his rankings on the trait leader boards on Akaushi digital beef (akaushi.digitalbeef.com)

We are offering Shichi semen at $45.00 per straw.