Raising Quality Akaushi Cattle

Located in the Texas Panhandle, Broken Winds Cattle Company and Comanche Cattle Company produce high-quality Akaushi bulls and females, as well as premium Akaushi freezer beef.

We strive to raise Akaushi cattle that meet the needs of both commercial and seedstock producers. With more than 70 years of data on our foundation herd, our cattle will increase the carcass quality, fertility and profitability of your herd.

We are also excited to provide quality Akaushi freezer beef that is raised locally on our ranch. Our herd consists of Akaushi cattle, which are known to produce tender, high-marbled and great-tasting beef. Akaushi beef is also known for its superior health benefits.

If you want to add Akaushi genetics to your herd or taste the Akaushi difference, let us know!